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Multichannel Healthcare Solutions

PDI puts the power of multichannel/omnichannel messaging in your hands.

In their search for an outsourced partner, many biopharmaceutical manufacturers find they need more than what a traditional contract sales organization can offer. Instead, they need a trusted partner that can collaborate with the brand team to design and implement an effective multichannel/omnichannel orchestrated commercialization strategy.

We provide you with multiple messaging channels to reach healthcare providers.

Having evolved from a contract sales organization into a leading healthcare commercialization organization, PDI has the experience and insight to deliver the exact multichannel, omnichannel, and orchestrated messaging solution your brand requires.

While multichannel and omnichannel can include identical channels, they use the channels differently. In multichannel messaging, each channel is target-segment-specific. For instance, a brand might reach all specialists through specialty sales representatives alone, all generalist targets through field sales representatives alone, and all white-space healthcare providers through the contact center team alone. In this scenario, messaging is the same across the channels.

Conversely, omnichannel messaging uses multiple channels to reach each individual healthcare provider with messaging on each channel designed to accomplish a specific task. For instance, to engage a particular prescriber, a brand might use our contact center team to do sampling and coupon/copay card distribution, a field representative for face-to-face selling, and digital messaging to make sure the brand stays top-of-mind.

Finally, the concept of “orchestration” refers to our ability to empower one messaging team member who observes and coordinates all the various messages directed to an individual clinician. We provide manufacturers with field-based “orchestrator representatives” who not only screen all interactions with a specific stakeholder, but manage them in such a way as to create a personalized, coherent, and responsive messaging profile.

Choosing specific messaging channels for specific targets or messages can amplify your pharmaceutical sales strategy by:

  • Delivering messaging through multiple channels to ensure consistency of voice
  • Assigning messaging channels or content based on prescriber type and location
  • Orchestrating messaging to meet the needs, information-seeking habits, and schedules of individual prescribers

Find out what a multichannel/omnichannel orchestrated healthcare commercialization strategy could mean for your brand

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