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Video Detailing

Video detailing combines the advantages of face-to-face interaction with the flexibility of an inside team.

On-demand live video detailing is a powerful new technology-intensive channel that lets physicians see and talk with inside sales representatives via phone and a secure Internet connection. Video representatives not only offer direct delivery of key disease state and brand messages accompanied by other approved content, they also respond to each healthcare provider’s personal needs and interests, answer specific questions, and manage complicated conversations skillfully and efficiently.

PDI has the infrastructure and expertise to make video detailing work for your brand.

Like all inside services, live video detailing can occur any time, be it before or after the clinical workday, in the evening, or on weekends. Live video detailing appointments can be scheduled to occur on a specific date and time, much like scheduling an in-person detail. Alternatively, live video detailing can occur spontaneously and on-demand, based on a healthcare provider’s information needs.

One of the greatest benefits of live video detailing is the ability to allow virtually unlimited time shifting. Live video detailing is available at the healthcare professional’s convenience, whenever he or she wants to schedule it. Video details can even occur spontaneously, using a system that allows our contact center representatives to seamlessly transition from a phone call to a video detail. Moreover, the technological sophistication that PDI brings to video detailing is such that the quality of live interaction is maintained, while adding some additional features like on-screen pointing and highlighting. Video detail sessions typically last 8 to 20 minutes, with the average at 10 minutes. The sessions provide high effectiveness, with post-detail recall of up to 60%.

Live video detailing combines the best features of in-person and contact-center based interactions:

  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Increased access to hard-to-see physicians while providing face-to-face contact
  • Low infrastructure requirements for the healthcare provider

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