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Inside Shared and Flex Teams

PDI’s contact center solution gives you a competitive advantage by enabling you to react seamlessly to changing market conditions.

Flexibility may be the most important overarching benefit of any business outsourcing decision, and it may be realized as financial, resource, or infrastructure flexibility. Adding a contact center solution to a healthcare commercialization solution is an important way of gaining such flexibility. However, adding static inside sales or customer service teams limits the advantages of a contact center solution.

Commercialization solutions with true flexibility that can make the difference between success and failure become possible when the deployment of inside representatives follows the changing needs and objectives of the client brand(s) and adjusts to changing marketplace realities.

PDI’s inside shared and flex teams let you respond quickly to changing market conditions.

We not only build inside teams to the exact specifications needed to fulfill a client brand’s needs, but with our shared and flex team offerings, we can design teams that can change their configuration to adapt to the changing needs of the client brand or portfolio.

Shared teams are designed to cover multiple products, whereas flex teams can move between sales and service roles. We also provide teams that easily adapt to the communication style of a brand’s stakeholders by switching seamlessly between phone, text, and video interaction.

Our inside teams are structured to allow quick “ramp-ups” and “ramp-downs” in response to changing conditions in the biopharmaceutical market, including:

  • New product launches
  • Competitive entries
  • Generic competition and/or legal challenges
  • Regulatory issues
  • Pilot initiatives that provide proof of concept or test new ideas

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