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Inside Clinical Teams

Inside clinical teams can add greater flexibility to your clinical communication.

Most nonpromotional communication strategies are centered around field-based clinical teams. However, technology-enabled interactions with stakeholders play an increasingly important role. This trend is in part due to the increasing inaccessibility of healthcare providers (HCPs), and in part to the fact that younger HCPs tend to prefer technology-enabled interactions over in-person contact. In this changing landscape, extending the conversation with stakeholders beyond face-to-face contact and augmenting field-based clinical teams with inside teams should be considered.

PDI is ready to provide teams of highly trained professionals as inside clinical communicators.

PDI’s dedicated healthcare contact center delivers inbound and outbound clinical engagement services through phone, live video, chat, email, text, and web-integrated services (click-to-chat, click-to-email, click-to-call). We employ 3 groups of professionals for our inside clinical teams: clinical health educators (CHEs), medical science liaisons (MSLs), and help desk teams.

Our inside medical science liaisons (MSLs) serve as a nonpromotional link between your company and the medical community, in the same way that their field-based colleagues do. Our inside MSLs are healthcare professionals such as PharmDs, PhDs, and MDs. They work to educate key opinion leaders, clinical trial investigators, and other thought leaders about clinical initiatives.

PDI’s inside clinical health educators provide disease-state and product-specific education and support to patients, caregivers, and physicians, just like their field-based counterparts. These clinical health educator teams, staffed by healthcare professionals such as RNs, work to optimize health outcomes by facilitating patients’ adherence and retention to drug therapies as well as other healthcare regimens.

Finally, PDI’s help desk teams are staffed with highly trained, noncredentialed clinical health associates who answer common questions related to specific disease states and/or products and triage calls to credentialed clinical health educators as needed.

Our inside clinical teams are designed to strengthen the dialogue between all clinical stakeholders. They can:

  • Educate and support healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers
  • Allow your targets to choose the times and messaging channels that work best for them

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