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Inside Sales & Service Resourcing

Augmenting face-to-face contact with alternative messaging channels allows biopharmaceutical companies to maintain a dialogue with difficult-to-access healthcare professionals.

Messaging through alternate channels that consider prescriber availability strengthens the dialogue between a healthcare brand and healthcare providers (HCPs). A physician who is inaccessible to a field-based representative during the work day may well be receptive to contact by phone or text chat after hours. Using a mix of messaging channels to meet provider needs results in heightened receptivity and prolonged engagements.

At PDI, we build customer-centric contact center solutions that engage healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients.

Adding an inside team is a powerful way of augmenting a field-based sales strategy because it provides a way to engage with “hard to see” or “no see” HCPs. Even as physicians become increasingly inaccessible to field-based representatives, our inside representatives reach about 1 in 4 physicians with significant frequency restrictions, and about 1 in 6 physicians who are rated as inaccessible to representatives.

We provide inside teams through our dedicated healthcare contact center, which is staffed with highly trained professionals, many with years of experience in the field. Our Contact Center offers inbound and outbound health information engagement services across 80-plus healthcare brands, performing more than 100,000 interactions per month. We custom-design the offerings of our inside sales, service, and clinical teams to provide and increase the frequency and reach of our marketing and sales efforts.

PDI adds flexibility to your sales strategy through inside hybrid teams and inside shared and flex teams.

Our contact center has up to 24/7 staffing and offers healthcare communication via

  • Phone
  • Live video
  • Print
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Text
  • Fulfillment
  • Web-integrated services (click-to-chat, click-to-eMail, click-to-call)

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