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Managed Markets Account Teams (KAMS)

When third-party payers aggressively restrict patient access to branded medications, managed market teams can provide support to both healthcare providers (HCPs) and patients.

Roughly 90% of all prescriptions are covered by third-party payers. These payers and their pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) often restrict the use of branded medications. Access hurdles put in place by payers can include tiered formularies, high patient co-pays or co-insurance requirements, and prior-authorization or step-edit challenges as part of the reimbursement process.

As a result, patients and prescribers face increasing pressure to adopt generics and biosimilars, even when an originator brand is medically indicated. That’s why a winning healthcare commercialization strategy should include a highly focused team that provides managed markets experience.

PDI’s managed markets account teams can help drive the success of your commercialization plan.

Our managed markets account teams are staffed with experts whose sole focus is this highly complex area. These teams of specialists develop robust marketing strategies and custom plans based on current market dynamics.

PDI’s team support includes:

  • Experienced national and regional account directors and account managers
  • Support for emerging biopharmaceutical companies as well as under-represented brands in the portfolios of midsize and large pharmaceutical companies

PDI’s expertise with private insurance covers:

  • High-deductible plans
  • Pharmacy benefit managers and managed care organizations
  • Group purchasing organizations and hospital systems
  • Specialty pharmacies

PDI’s expertise with government insurance encompasses:

  • Medicaid managed care
  • Managed Medicare plans
  • Veteran’s Administration, Department of Defense, Health Information System
  • Affordable Care Act plans

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