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Hospital and Long-Term Care (LTC) Teams

Selling to hospital-based physicians needs representatives with in-depth scientific knowledge and the all-important ability to network in closed environments.

Hospitals are unique care environments that exert high pressure on clinicians and produce a significant need for fairly balanced information. While specialized, hospital-based physicians are often inaccessible to biopharmaceutical representatives, many of them welcome a conversation with sales representatives who have comprehensive specialty-specific knowledge of disease states, their own and competitor product(s), clinical studies, and evidence-based medicine.

Selecting, training, and empowering representatives to meet the needs of hospital-based physicians successfully is a complex task. Representatives taking on this assignment need a thorough understanding of the scientific aspects of the product they represent. They must also be able to  navigate the closed hospital environment effectively and efficiently network within it.

PDI lets you interact with hospital-based clinicians through specialized hospital sales teams.

We have trained and deployed proven high-science representatives for many years. Our representatives can navigate the institutional system of a hospital and address the specialized needs of hospital-based clinicians. To meet your specific healthcare commercialization needs, we recruit representatives based on their specialties of focus, existing professional relationships, and disease state expertise.

PDI provides experts in the high-science, multidisciplinary hospital selling environment with:

  • Long-term hospital expertise
  • Knowledge of prescriber accessibility
  • Hospital formulary “know-how”

Our Hospital Representative Credentialing process includes:

  • Identifying credentialing requirements
  • Prompting the representative to fill any credentialing gaps
  • Managing the representative’s account on the credentialing vendor’s website
  • Monitoring and managing for success

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