As of January, 31, 2019 PDI is no longer a Publicis Health/Publicis Groupe company. Look for all our new branding soon!

Field Sales Teams

PDI has the resources and knowledge to recruit, train, and deploy a field sales force quickly and to match it to your organization’s profile, culture, and goals.

Face-to-face selling remains a highly effective way to interact with healthcare professionals (HCPs). However, the market is rapidly changing, and access to HCPs becomes ever more challenging. Having the right team is the key to success in field sales.

But then, building the teams that meet the unique needs of your brand is a daunting process that involves recruiting and hiring, training, compensation, targeting analytics and CRM, and compliance.

PDI has the people and the expertise to custom-build the exact field sales team you need.

We will work closely with you to identify your exact needs. You can also depend on our field management and pharmaceutical sales operations teams for answers about sales force strategy and tactics.

We have an established network of tens of thousands of experienced sales representatives who are preregistered with PDI. That means we know the companies they’ve worked for, their therapeutic-class experience, and their geographic options. With this knowledge, we can identify candidate representatives who match your needs with a simple database query and custom-build the field sales team you need. Our proven recruiting and training processes enable us to get your team into the field quickly.

Every field sales team we build is custom-designed to your company’s profile, culture, and goals:

  • Primary Care teams provide extended reach, share-of-voice, and impact
  • Specialty and Biotechnology teams are experts in high-science and multidisciplinary selling
  • Device and Diagnostic teams are composed of professionals with a deep understanding of the device and diagnostics market

For all your field sales force needs, PDI can help

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