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Field Customer Service Teams

Lightening a prescriber’s workload by providing customer service is a highly cost-effective way to keep your brand top-of-mind.

Many pharmaceutical brands no longer need sales or clinical messaging, such as mature brands or brands approaching the loss of exclusivity. However, these brands still require support to stay top-of-mind with healthcare providers (HCPs). Field-based customer service representatives can offer the right mix of service and share-of-voice to keep these brands viable.

PDI’s field service representatives support prescribers and their staff while providing outstanding value for your brand.

Field-based customer service representatives offer ways to assist prescribers with the day-to-day tasks related to prescribing.  They are welcome in most offices and make an average of 12 to 15 calls per day, which are tracked in the sales force automation system. Working alone or in conjunction with other field and/or inside teams, they supplement and enhance your pharmaceutical sales and marketing efforts.

Our healthcare customer service representatives don’t “sell,” but instead interact with physician practices to provide valuable customer service by

  • Delivering samples, copay assistance kits, patient education, and formulary status information
  • Receiving and triaging professional information requests and adverse events reports
  • Routing healthcare provider requests for detailed product information

Customer service representatives also provide key benefits to your pharmaceutical sales strategy:

  • Synergistic adjunct to territory coverage
  • Increased share-of-voice
  • Expanded reach and/or frequency
  • Affordable coverage for near-loss-of-exclusivity brands
  • Lower cost per call compared to full-time or flextime representatives

Given the benefits they provide to both you and your customers, a high-performing, field-based customer service team can become the unsung heroes of your healthcare commercialization plan.

Let PDI show you how customer service representatives can open the door to increased profit and return on investment

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