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Field Sales & Service Resourcing

Our Field Sales & Service Resourcing group forges partnerships for success in healthcare commercialization.

Biopharmaceutical manufacturers experience a wide range of challenges, including patent expiry, sluggish pipelines, pricing battles, and ever-changing regulations. As a result, the focus in the market is increasingly on providing value. To meet this requirement, biopharmaceutical organizations must increase their efficiency.

When it comes to pharmaceutical sales strategies, field teams continue to be the single most effective way of interacting with virtually all stakeholder groups. As the role of the sales representative evolves and access remains a challenge, maximizing the performance and impact of your field teams becomes more critical than ever before.

PDI custom builds field teams to meet the unique requirements of your brand.

PDI has evolved from a contract sales organization into a full commercialization organization to better meet the expanding needs of our clients. In the context of building field teams, that means helping you identify the field services your brand needs and then building teams to these exact specifications:

  • New brands and those actively competing for market share would be best served by a field sales team
  • Many brands, especially mature ones, need support from a field customer service team , in addition to, or instead of a field sales team
  • Brands in the pre-launch phase, those backed by complex science or indicated for underdiagnosed or undertreated disease states, and/or those with challenges to patient adherence would benefit from field clinical teams for provider, patient, and caregiver education

PDI works closely with you to conceptualize, implement, and deploy customized field teams. Our experience, together with our unique and proprietary approaches to recruiting, training, and performance management, ensures that your field teams get to work quickly and produce outstanding results.

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