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PDI creates a continuous learning environment for all professionals involved in healthcare commercialization.

Puppies are trained – people are educated. Professional education for our team members or yours takes many shapes from initial product training to creating helpful one-page reminders. To achieve this, the training department must deliver both product and skills training. Moreover, the training team must manage both scheduled training for new brands and suggested techniques as well as unscheduled training for new hires and backfills. Finally, a company’s training needs often fluctuate widely throughout the year, creating significant infrastructure and budget challenges. With all these complexities, many companies find that the best solution is to outsource the training function.

From initial design to final effectiveness assessment, PDI can support all your professional education needs.

PDI has built a turnkey training organization that will minimize your initial time to market and maximize your ability to fill vacancies. Our learning and development solutions include:


Our curriculum design and implementation plans address the delivery of professional education, with special attention to:

  • Who the learners and their respective instructors are
  • What the subject matter will be
  • Where and when the education takes place
  • What the educational goals are
  • Why the information is important
  • In which format and setting the training is delivered

We collaborate with our clients to tailor the training programs to their account’s specific healthcare commercialization needs. From the needs of the account we identify the educational goals of the end-users, such as field, and inside sales representatives, medical science liaisons (MSLs), and more. Our approach creates value by integrating proven training methods with proven adult learning strategies.


PDI’s goal is to create a continuous learning environment where we quickly introduce people to the processes and systems that will permit them to excel at their jobs. We work with our clients to develop a customized combination of pre-work, instructor-led, web-based, and live simulation exercises that ensure appropriate and action-oriented learning opportunities throughout the life of the account.


Learning programs are presented using a Day One readiness approach that enables individuals to hone their skills close to the time when they will be needed. PDI’s approach ensures the quality and effectiveness of the training.

Talent Identification:

PDI can identify and hire dedicated trainers to support client accounts. We can provide learning and development leaders who will ensure that the team attains success beyond the classroom.

Effectiveness Assessment:

An essential element of successful education is assessing program outcomes. PDI employs evaluation strategies that measure end-user feedback, to enable constant improvement of our programs. Additionally, we can apply our evaluation approach to existing client programs, allowing clients to identify and address opportunities for improvement.

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