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Target Customer Profiling

Building a successful pharmaceutical sales strategy requires identifying and understanding the brand’s key prescriber targets.

Target customer profiling is the basis for developing a healthcare commercialization plan that prioritizes launch targets. To do this, pharmaceutical companies can draw on their own internal knowledge about prescribers, or work with a supplier who provides this service. However, truly excellent target customer profiling goes a step further to integrate both these sources of knowledge with information collected from live visits to prescribers’ offices. Such visits serve to capture vital information about the patient population, the staff roles and personalities, the prescriber’s mindset, in-class prescribing habits, use of samples/vouchers, scheduling availability/preferences, and more.

PDI deploys sales or clinical teams ahead of the product approval to gather key prescriber information.

As a full-service healthcare commercialization organization, PDI provides top-tier prelaunch target customer profiling. To perform this service, our clinical communication specialists or our industry-leading sales teams carry out prescriber office visits. The information gathered from these office visits is combined with existing knowledge bases and forms the foundation for the assessment of prescriber targets.

One of the most important challenges introducing a product in a new-to-manufacturer therapeutic category is identifying and understanding the key prescriber targets.

  • While promotional conversations must wait until after brand approval, target customer profiling should be completed ahead of the product launch
  • Pre-launch target customer profiling ensures that the sales team is ready at launch
  • Early target customer profiling primes the team, profiles the segments, and provides information about key prescribers


Learn how target customer profiling can provide a solid foundation for a brand in the pre-launch phase

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