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Effective healthcare recruiting is the key to building the high-performance sales, service, and clinical teams that drive success in healthcare commercialization.

Hiring poses a risk to a team leader. The process of interviewing, vetting, hiring, and training takes weeks, and represents a large investment that can be lost within months if the new team member turns out to be a poor fit. While effective recruiting practices mitigate this risk, the underlying skills must be practiced continuously, and new procedures, tools and resources must be continuously integrated into the process. Because recruiting has become a highly specialized and technically demanding skill, most team leaders who only hire a few people a year find it challenging to recruit competitively.

At PDI, we have built our own unique and proven recruiting process, aided by cutting-edge technology.

We specialize in recruiting high-performance sales, service, and clinical teams. We recruit for all our own teams, and we offer our recruiting solution to our clients as part of our healthcare commercialization [By Challenge > Full Commercialization] service. Our recruiting solution is backed by a large body of expertise gained over time:

  • Proficiency in all specialties: We hire for the entire spectrum of therapeutic classes including, but not limited to, oncology, CNS, dermatology, GI, endocrine, ophthalmology, and rare diseases
  • Building inaugural teams: We have been entrusted to hire teams for startup companies that are launching their first product as well as for new product launches for large and emerging companies. Ninety percent of these teams were built before the product’s PDUFA date
  • Flexible and scalable solutions: We understand how quickly things can change and are able to pivot without negative effects on our performance
  • 360º approach to the candidate journey: We know recruiting is not simply about placement, but also about ensuring that the candidate/client experience is right from the start. From the crafting of the client story, through the candidate assessment and interview process, to the final offer, we ensure that both the candidate and the client are primed for success

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