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Prelaunch Activities with Key Opinion Leaders

Establishing a scientifically based dialogue with key opinion leaders lays the groundwork for successful commercialization.

Pre-launch interactions with clinical trial investigators and key opinion leaders (KOLs) are invaluable because they lay the groundwork for later commercialization success. The prelaunch phase gives manufacturers the opportunity to engage vital stakeholders in rich science- and disease-focused conversations that help develop strong, long-lasting relationships. A strong prelaunch communication program can result in improved clinical trial design and execution, better managed care formulary decisions, more favorable opinion leadership network response, and many other aspects of brand success.

PDI’s clinical communication teams engage KOLs in the pivotal conversations during the pre-launch phase.

Evolving from a contract sales organization, PDI has grown into a commercialization organization providing comprehensive prelaunch communication services to our clients. During the scientifically focused discussion in the pre-launch phase, our clinical communication teams, composed of Medical Science Liaisons and Clinical Health Educators can begin building the relationships with key opinion leaders that can both benefit patients and become major assets for your brand.

Although establishing an effective clinical communication program can be a daunting challenge, the impact can be far-reaching.

  • Pre-approval promotional conversations are strictly prohibited. However, “no prelaunch promotion” doesn’t mean “no prelaunch interaction.”
  • The groundwork done during the prelaunch phase can become a major factor in a brand’s early market penetration
  • Outsourcing clinical communication avoids legal and regulatory pitfalls
  • PDI guarantees that proper SOPs, reporting alignments, compensation structure, information exchange, and other compliance requirements are observed

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