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Performance Management

Performance management is an essential part of all pharmaceutical sales strategies, although carrying out these functions can prove challenging. PDI is equipped and ready to take over these functions.

Measuring and managing the performance of customer-facing staff is an essential part of healthcare commercialization. As the value of healthcare delivery continues to be defined in new and different ways, biopharmaceutical companies must reassess how they engage with customers and stakeholders. The different patterns of interactions with stakeholders require new models for competency development, as well as measuring and rewarding performance.

Managing and incentivizing performance is both an art and a science, and many biopharmaceutical manufacturers simply do not have the resources to take on this challenge.

PDI makes a proven performance management solution available to you.

Over time, we have developed a proven set of tools and processes to manage and incentivize the performance of our own customer-facing teams. Our system of performance management recognizes that customer facing teams are customized to meet the specific needs of each brand, and therefore each have unique compositions and goals. Because our processes can work for client teams just as well as for our own, we offer performance management of client-owned, customer-facing teams as an outsourced service.

PDI sets high performance expectations for all team members: Field sales and service teams are rewarded for results, not activity alone. We customize each compensation plan to motivate behaviors that drive program success. Furthermore, we employ an online competency-development system and other day-to-day performance management resources to provide field representatives with just-in-time coaching and expert guidance on important business competencies.

Inside sales and service teams are incentivized based on call quality and volume. Representatives are given daily feedback regarding productivity as well as call effectiveness.

PDI’s clinical teams are not paid to achieve sales goals. Instead, the compensation of our clinical health educators and medical science liaisons is based on their ability to achieve client-specific educational and communications goals. Their performance is monitored through both primary and secondary observation.

PDI’s performance management solution is:

  • A robust system to manage and incentivize customer-facing teams
  • Applicable to all types of field based and inside teams
  • Available to our clients for direct-hire positions

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