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Medical Science Liaisons

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) serve as a critical conduit for a scientifically based exchange between pharmaceutical brands and key stakeholders in the medical community.

Specialty brands derive large benefits from initiating and maintaining a science-based dialogue with key stakeholders in the medical community. Such stakeholders include clinical trial investigators, key opinion leaders (KOLs), and high-priority healthcare professionals (HCPs). To gather the most valuable input from these conversations, it is critical to engage these stakeholders on their own terms, in conversations that center on the science behind the product, clinical trial designs and outcomes, as well as clinical and managed market considerations. Conducting high science dialogues with stakeholders requires teams of highly qualified and credentialed clinical communicators. Such interactions are not only permissible in the pre-launch phase, but an essential step in preparing for launch.

PDI’s MSL teams provide a wide range of communication services ranging from key opinion leader education to speaker training.

PDI is an established and effective provider of outsourced MSL teams, comprised of healthcare professionals such as PharmDs, PhDs, and MDs. They serve as a conduit for a scientifically based exchange with clinical stakeholders. Over the years, we have managed hundreds of MSLs and have built some of the longest running and most successful clinical deployments in the industry.

Building on this body of expertise, we have defined industry best practices governing the deployment and management of MSL teams.

While most of our MSLs are full-time and on field teams, some of our clients choose to deploy MSLs in less traditional work settings. They may work flex-time schedules, or conduct all or part of their interactions remotely, via teleconference, online, or live video. As with our other healthcare communications solutions, our MSL teams are customized, flexible, and scalable. We also offer options to lease, build internally, or build-to-hire.

Regardless of their schedule or geographic setting, all our MSLs work to accomplish a variety of goals:

  • KOL and specialist education
  • Clinical trial support
  • Speaker training and support
  • Managed markets support
  • REMS and safety program participation
  • Cost effectiveness and outcomes research

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