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Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies for Women’s Health

Emerging health concerns and discrepancies between guidelines complicate the care for women’s health.

Women’s health care is a field encompassing a highly diverse set of disease states, and it is characterized by changing or contradictory guideline recommendations and unique problems. Consistent screening guidelines remain a challenge for many disease states in Women’s Health, such as anal human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and anal cancer, pap smears, bone density testing, and physical exams. For breast cancer, the guideline-recommended screening intervals are being challenged as new, more-effective treatments for breast cancer change the risk/benefit trade-off for screening. Nevertheless, breast cancer treatments are more likely to succeed if the cancer is detected early. Early detection is still the responsibility of OB/GYN providers who face the problem of how to customize screening requirements for high-risk patients. Finally, guidelines for integrative medicine exams, risk assessment, and disease prevention have been proposed but are not yet implemented. Even birth control has new options that become available frequently, requiring provider and patient education.

Women are also especially vulnerable to becoming overweight as the demands of work and family often impede their ability to be physically active and/or make healthy food choices. Successful pharmaceutical sales strategies must account for the factors that govern women’s health, including women’s families, communities, and work environments, and they must be built around women’s needs for gender-specific assessment, education, and intervention, and their gender-specific responses to care.

PDI can help you and your customers fill the full range of women’s unmet needs, from screening to assistance with lifestyle interventions.

Our expertise in commercialization encompasses both medications and screening equipment. Our field-based medical sales representatives or our inside medical sales representatives, who work through our healthcare contact center , can help your customers provide state-of-the-art treatment to women. Our clinical health educators (CHEs) can also provide education on birth control and lifestyle-based interventions for obese women.

Women’s health is a constantly evolving field with many critical unmet needs. Physicians will benefit from assistance with:

  • Education on emerging treatments across the spectrum of women’s health
  • Strategies for early detection of women’s cancers, including rational approaches to scheduling imaging for high-risk patients
  • Integrative approaches to preventive treatments, risk assessment and screening
  • Implementation of workable lifestyle interventions that help women maintain a healthy weight

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