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Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies for Veterinary Medicine

Decreasing practice volume and debt load put veterinarians under financial pressure as the focus of veterinary practice shifts away from large animals towards the care of pets.

As pet ownership increases, the focus of veterinary medicine is shifting away from generalized practices focused on large animals. In recent years, the bulk of veterinary practice is increasingly centered on pets — and the veterinary practices are becoming more diverse. Services performed by non-veterinary providers, such as mobile units and big box stores, represent one branch of this trend towards diversification of practice. Another is the emergence of specialty veterinarians, who drive an increasing demand for referrals to specialists by pet owners. Both of these trends undercut the economic base of community veterinarians who have increasing difficulty maintaining viable independent practices.

At PDI, we provide veterinary healthcare commercialization across the increasingly diverse spectrum of veterinary providers

Veterinary healthcare commercialization must take into account the increasing fragmentation of the veterinary care environment. Our services can include education on veterinary treatments for pet owners through field-based medical sales representatives. We can also help veterinarians and pet owners access programs to reduce drug costs and minimize the economic uncertainty.

The chief demands on veterinarians are:

  • Community veterinarians remain the mainstay of veterinary care. In the face of decreasing practice volume, education about new treatments, customer service, and assistance with access to medication will help them maintain economically viable practices.
  • Creating flexible treatment plans that consider possible drug shortages
  • Providing preventative care

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