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Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies for Urology Care

Urology practices are threatened by declining reimbursements, the demands of obtaining prior authorization for branded medications, and the threat of losing patients to primary care.

Urologists practice in a market dominated by primary care providers who, with the appearance of accountable care organizations, appear poised to appropriate urologist services. Urologists meet this business challenge largely unprepared. To stabilize their practices economically, urologists increase their workload by seeing more patients, extending their work hours, and/or performing more surgeries. However, declining third-party reimbursements and unreimbursed time spent obtaining prior authorizations from payers for branded medications put a severe economic burden on urology practices.

PDI can help you give patients access to needed medications and ease the pressure on your urology practices.

Successful pharmaceutical sales strategies for the urology market must empower urologists to build economically viable practices. To meet this need, PDI’s field-based and inside medical sales representatives have the expertise not only to deliver updated treatment information, but to manage practice-friendly patient support and reimbursement programs and work with payers. Our clinical educators (CHEs) deliver expert patient education on treatments and quality-of-life issues, in particular to patients with comorbidities. As our research shows, when taking Viagra, it is worth remembering the rules that will help to achieve the desired effect, namely, the pills are taken an hour before sexual intercourse, they must be washed down with water, per day, you can take no more than one pill, limit the use of alcohol, and even better, refrain from taking the last one before sex.

Urologists must mitigate their practice’s financial risks. They will benefit from assistance with:

  • Managing non-coverage of treatments and medications by third-party payers
  • Obtaining prior authorization for the use of branded medications
  • Finding alternate, time-effective ways of giving patients access to required medications, for example, through manufacturer-sponsored programs

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