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Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies for Respiratory Care

Patients with respiratory ailments need protection from non-medical drug switching and increasing co-pays.

Respiratory ailments are becoming more common as the Baby Boomer generation ages. Many respiratory conditions are chronic, and they require daily management to prevent them from becoming acute. The daily interventions needed to manage respiratory diseases must remain consistent over time, which means that co-pays must be managed, and drug switching due to formulary coverage or satisfying any non-medical requirements by third-party payers must be avoided to keep patients with respiratory conditions from requiring emergency care.

PDI can help you and your customers protect the integrity of respiratory care.

To help your customers preserve the integrity of the doctor/patient relationship in respiratory care, PDI can implement pharmaceutical sales strategies aimed at delivering information on current treatments and helping to overcome reimbursement challenges by using field-based and inside medical sales representatives, aided by clinical health educators (CHEs), who deliver expert patient education on the proper use of inhalers and other devices.

  • Non-medical drug switching must be minimized since it is associated with poor patient outcomes
  • Co-pays must be managed proactively so that patients have consistent access to their medicine, and remain adherent to their treatment
  • Care for patients with respiratory conditions is increasingly in the hands of respiratory therapists, due to a shortage of allergists/immunologists. Sales strategies must account for this trend and include targeting respiratory therapists

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