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Sales Strategies for Pharmacy Programs

Pharmacists are valued collaborators for prescribers with a critical function of matching treatments to patients, ensuring medication safety, and managing adverse events.

The role of the pharmacist in healthcare is changing. This change is nowhere more pronounced than in large hospitals. As newer drugs with complex mechanisms of action and complex side effect profiles are introduced, the function of pharmacists is expanding from dispensing medications to becoming a resource to clinicians for medication safety, side effect management, and personalized medicine. As such, pharmacists have become leaders of both  the continuous process of improving medication use as well as the interdisciplinary process of policy and procedure development.

PDI can engage pharmacists as a part of your healthcare commercialization strategy.

Successful pharmaceutical sales strategies for cutting-edge medications with novel mechanisms of action or problematic side effects must include pharmacists as key decision makers in the care process. Since prescribers fall back on pharmacists when education on specific drugs is needed, providing pharmacists with in-depth, scientifically grounded information can make a critical difference to prescriber comfort. Our medical science liaisons (MSLs) are superbly qualified for this scientific exchange.

Another important area in which pharmacists make a critical difference in the commercial success of your product is by providing a scientifically sound rationale for using drugs that may not have formulary coverage. A decision for prescribing a specific medication may be driven by its unique efficacy or side effect profile, or by preventing interactions with concomitant medications. Our field-based and inside medical sales representatives have the managed markets expertise to work with third-party payers, help pharmacists process prior authorizations, and free them up to perform their most important role as medication safety experts.

Pharmacists play a critical role in the management of complex treatment regimens. To perform this function, they can benefit from

  • Detailed, scientifically grounded education on emerging pharmaceutical treatments
  • Education about federal and state laws applicable to certain medications
  • Assistance from managed market specialists to preserve patient access to medically necessary medications

Pharmacists are becoming an increasingly important part of patient care teams. Learn how we can help you engage them

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