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Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies for Oncology Care

Oncologists practice in an environment characterized by reimbursement challenges, high workload, and high stress.

The oncology care environment is characterized by increasing drug costs, insurer cost shifting, payer blocks, requirements for prior authorizations, and increasing copays — placing pressure on both patients and oncologists. Patients are increasingly unable to afford necessary care, although it is critical that they have access to the medications they need to stay on therapy. Not only can oncologists be overwhelmed by high workloads and the daily stress of practicing oncology, but also by the need to keep abreast of new developments in their rapidly advancing field. Financial stress due to the increasingly challenging reimbursement situation adds to the time pressures created by workload and education requirements.

PDI has the sales and clinical teams that can help you ease the time and financial pressures on oncologists.

Success in the oncology market requires pharmaceutical sales strategies that enable you to help oncologists care for their patients. PDI’s field-based and inside medical sales representatives understand the complex world of oncology, both from a treatment perspective and the management of challenging reimbursement issues. PDI’s medical science liaisons (MSLs) are positioned to educate clinicians on emerging science, changes of evidence-based guidelines, and new treatments under clinical development. Our clinical health educators (CHEs) deliver expert patient education on quality-of-life concerns, correct usage of medicines, side effect management, and more.

Success in oncology commercialization hinges on education and managed markets assistance:

  • Clinician education provides clear, up-to-date information on the safety and efficacy, risks and benefits, as well as formulary status as compared to other products
  • Patient education provides readily available tangible and virtual materials covering disease states, treatment options, and side effect management
  • Assistance with prior authorizations and other payer requirements to minimize unreimbursed time
  • Options for assisting patients with payment for medications

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