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Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies for Medical Device Commercialization

Medical devices play an ever-more important role in home care for chronic conditions, but navigating reimbursement issues can be challenging.

The market for medical devices has grown considerably in recent years, both in volume and in the number of conditions that can benefit from medical devices. This growth is driven by the increasing importance of home care for chronic diseases, where medical devices can play a key role. Despite this growth, reimbursement poses a significant challenge.

At PDI, we have sales teams who can assist you in giving patients access to the devices they need, and clinical educators who can help optimize patient outcomes.

PDI delivers customized medical device commercialization tailored to your needs. Field-based and inside medical sales representatives are ready to deliver sales strategies that educate on medical device capabilities, as well as methods of integrating them into patient care. Our managed market representatives are qualified to address reimbursement issues directly. Finally, our clinical health educators (CHEs) can play an important role in the successful implementation of medical devices by educating patients on the proper use, maintenance, risks, and benefits.

Providing patients with the appropriate device, as well as demonstrating improved outcomes and cost-effectiveness, are keys to successful commercialization:

  • In an environment where access to medical devices is complicated by competitive bidding, giving patients the most appropriate devices to meet their specific needs is critically important
  • Consistently documenting patient outcomes is essential to proving the value of the device to payers
  • Knowledge of regional differences in practices and establishing cost-effectiveness to payers can make critical differences to securing reimbursement

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