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Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies for Gastroenterology Care

The business model in gastroenterology is changing, causing cost pressures and uncertainty.

The basis for reimbursement for gastroenterology services has shifted from a fee-for-service model to value-based contracts. This change of reimbursement model means that in the future, gastroenterologists will have to document the quality of their procedures. Documentation of patient satisfaction will also become increasingly important as a driver for repeat visits and word-of-mouth referrals. Moreover, real-time optimization of patient care will become possible when gastroenterologists frequently document both quality of care and patient satisfaction.

At PDI, we can help your gastroenterology customers make a successful transition into a new business environment.

To succeed in the gastroenterology market, your pharmaceutical sales strategies must address the uncertainties caused by a changing care environment. PDI provides expert scientific support through medical science liaisons (MSLs) that will enable your customers to increase and document their quality of care. You can also help your customers cope with the cost pressure on their services using PDI’s field-based and inside medical sales representatives.

Gastroenterologists need assistance in managing their changing working relationship with payers

  • Value-based contracts cause uncertainty among gastroenterologists
  • Documentation of outcomes and price point exert a cost pressure on gastroenterology procedures
  • Cost-cutting measures may invite competition from non-gastroenterologists who can perform similar services for less

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