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Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies for Dermatology Care

In a changing healthcare environment, dermatologists face a set of challenges caused by difficult access to pharmaceutical treatments and narrowing referral networks.

Dermatology as a medical specialty is undervalued, and dermatologists are being asked to prove the value of their specialty to payers. The undervaluation of dermatologic care has two important effects, namely difficulty for patients in accessing care, and economic difficulty for dermatologic practices.

Patient access to dermatologic care and medications is limited by insufficient referral networks and the lack of formulary coverage for dermatologic medications. Dermatologic practices struggle to secure adequate compensation for their services. Narrowing referral networks and increased unreimbursed workload, due to preauthorization requirements, translate into lost income. Also, the implementation of alternative payment models and merit-based incentive programs further diminish the economic viability of dermatologist practices.  

PDI assists you in easing the pressure on dermatologists and helps them deliver high-quality care.

Successful pharmaceutical sales strategies in the dermatology field hinge on proving the value of dermatology care and dermatologic medications to payers. To this end, PDI employs field-based and inside medical sales representatives who deliver critical information about dermatologic treatments to healthcare providers, provide support for prior authorizations, and help handle reimbursement challenges. Our sales teams can also educate dermatologists on measures to promote treatment adherence, as well as on methods to assist patients in managing medication side effects and resolving quality of life issues.

Assistance in the following areas can help ease the challenges posed by the undervaluation of their specialty:

  • Toolkits and support specialists who can help speed up the prior authorization process
  • Assistance in documenting treatment outcomes to prove the value of dermatologic care to payers
  • Programs to reduce patient out-of-pocket costs for medications
  • Assistance in negotiating with payers for coverage of dermatologic services and medications

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