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Sales Strategies for Companion Diagnostics

The era of blockbuster drugs is over and the era of personalized medicine is beginning, but engagement of third-party payers is needed to gain full support of the new paradigm.

Individualized medicine accounts for the genetic variability and metabolic differences between patients. Medications aimed at small—and narrowly defined—patient segments are increasingly entering the market, and they have begun to displace blockbuster drugs aimed at large markets. While personalized medicine enables highly targeted treatment of patients with previously untreatable conditions, it confronts the pharmaceutical industry with the challenge of using targeted treatments and their companion diagnostics to create value from smaller patient segments. Consequently, pharmaceutical marketing strategies developed in the age of blockbusters must transition to new custom-built commercialization approaches that meet the requirements of personalized medicine.

At PDI, we build orchestrated multichannel messaging and education solutions that help promote state-of-the-art medicine.

The central challenge in developing pharmaceutical sales strategies for companion diagnostics is overcoming cost-containment pressures from payers and patients. PDI employs sales representatives to educate about the benefits of companion diagnostics and to help solve the reimbursement issues surrounding medical devices and pharmacological treatments. Healthcare contact center teams and inside sales representatives can provide on-demand, in-depth information on the problems surrounding the emergence of companion diagnostics. To help build your success in the emerging field of companion diagnostics, our medical science liaisons (MSLs) can educate and engage with clinicians, while our clinical health educators (CHEs) provide education that helps patients understand the purpose and value of companion diagnostics. Finally, our field-based medical sales representatives specialize in pharmaceutical or medical device commercialization as required.

While companion diagnostics have not gained full acceptance in medical practices, they define a new standard of care. The existing healthcare structure presents a challenge for the marketing of companion diagnostics because it was not designed to support them.

  • The introduction of the personalized medicine/companion diagnostics paradigm into clinical practice raises issues of reimbursement, that can be addressed by PDI’s managed markets account teams
  • Physicians will need education to make the requisite changes to their practice. PDI’s medical science liaisons are well-positioned to assist physicians in this transition
  • The cost of companion diagnostics can be perceived as an obstacle to drug sales. PDI’s field-based medical sales representatives can help resolve the apparently conflicting requirements of pharmaceutical and diagnostic device commercialization.

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