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Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies for Central Nervous System Disorders

Central nervous system (CNS) health care is highly specialized and patient care is hampered by payer restrictions and formulary limitations.

Central nervous system-related health care is advancing rapidly. Because many different diseases affect the central nervous system, care for these conditions is divided between narrowly defined medical subspecialties, and referrals to specialists are common. Expert knowledge of the marketplace related to each disease state, emerging therapeutics, and evolving guidelines iare key to successfully engaging with CNS specialists.

PDI can develop customized commercialization solutions that integrate clinical communications and sales support.

To meet CNS specialists on their own terms, PDI offers medical science liaisons (MSLs) capable of engaging key opinion leaders in scientifically based discussions of a disease state, beginning in a medication’s prelaunch phase, and continuing through a product’s life cycle as new clinical data emerge. PDI’s clinical health educators (CHEs) provide specialized education to patients with CNS-related disorders, which is especially important in the CNS field due to complex treatments. Many medicines are only available by injection or may have special storage needs such as refrigeration. Our field based and inside medical sales representatives are proficient in supporting pharmaceutical sales strategies that inform and educate as well as address the reimbursement challenges in the CNS field.

  • Sales strategies for the CNS marketplace must be designed to overcome payer restrictions and formulary limitations
  • Problems affecting the practices of CNS healthcare providers are specific and must be approached with customized education and sales strategies
  • New medications may have new and unique mechanisms of action that require prelaunch discussions with prescribers as well as postlaunch support
  • In a highly competitive field, new treatment paradigms threaten in-line brands. Helping neurologists to stay current and understand the differences is critical to ensuring that patients receive the optimal treatment plan

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