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Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies for Cardiovascular Care

Cardiovascular care is subject to challenges from payers, staff turnover, and patient satisfaction. PDI is ready to help you overcome them.

Cardiovascular practices face several significant challenges. Reimbursements are declining, and preauthorization of medications and procedures have become deterrents to timely treatment. A high administrative burden demands increasing amounts of a cardiologist’s time and often forces the reorganization of cardiologic practices. In addition, cardiologists face increased scrutiny by payers, along with limitations on the medications and treatments they can prescribe.

Cardiologists are looking for solutions in several key areas to ease the pressure on their practices and to maintain quality of care in the face of these administrative and payer challenges.

  • Assistance with keeping the patient-physician relationship intact by educating healthcare professionals (HCPs) about support programs that give their patients access to medicines or treatments requiring preauthorization or are otherwise under utilization management, such as co-pay cards
  • Educate physicians and their staff on administrative or technological solutions that ease the pressure on practice staff and limit the staff turnover that continues to hamper cardiologic practices
  • Help in aligning patient satisfaction and high-quality care. Patient satisfaction in cardiovascular care includes lifestyle interventions that are life-saving, but may diminish the patient’s satisfaction with the quality of care they are receiving

To help cardiologists meet the challenges their profession is facing, PDI employs field-based sales representatives, along with inside sales representatives, who possess in-depth knowledge of today’s cardiovascular care environment. We deliver expert education as well as scientific support through our clinical health educators (CHEs) and medical science liaisons (MSLs) to help build better, more efficient solutions for cardiovascular care.

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