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Pharmaceutical Sales Strategies for Anti-Infective Care

Provider and patient education are keys to preserving the efficacy of anti-infective drugs.

As more and more antibiotic-resistant pathogen strains emerge, protecting the efficacy of anti-infective medications for future patients has become a priority. To maintain high infection cure rates, providers must become cognizant of when antibiotic treatment is appropriate, and they also need full and current information about the emergence of resistant strains. Patient education, especially to promote adherence, is another critical measure to help protect antibiotic efficacy for future patients.

PDI can help your customers protect our future.

PDI and its teams of field-based and inside medical sales representatives are ready to help your customers optimize antibiotic usage. To this end, we implement pharmaceutical sales strategies accompanied by educational initiatives designed to protect the future effectiveness of anti-infectives. PDI’s sales force can provide education for prescribers, including regular and timely information on emerging antibiotic resistance. Our clinical health educators (CHEs) can work with patients to promote adherence and appropriate care of infections, especially wound care.

  • The aim of anti-infective healthcare is to optimally treat infections while minimizing adverse events resulting from antibiotic overuse
  • Cost saving and increased patient safety can be achieved through increasing cure rates and decreasing treatment failure rates
  • Regular updates on antibiotic resistance and prescribing based on local infection risks can be used to optimize the use of anti-infective medications

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